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Hi there, and welcome to the BLADE guildportal site.
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Guild News

Facebook & TOR

armorr3, Aug 4, 11 10:03 AM.
I'm on fb.  If you want to send me a friend request, please do.  Look up Jazla Armorr.  Just tell me in a message who you are so I'll know to accept you. 

Also, if/when you sign up with TOR, i'll be on the 1st server alphabetically, assuming they have different servers.  I prebought the middle of the road package.  Not the basic, but didn't want to shell out the big bucks for the super-deluxe comes-with-everything edition.  Hopefully, I'll see you all there.   

Guild HK Run Update

armorr3, May 30, 11 9:01 AM.
Currently we have 5 spots filled for the guild trip to Mustafar.  Would really like to have a full group.  Remember, it's a lot of xp if you're leveling, and the loot drops can be pretty good.  Also, it's cool to be in a group and hit /showi, and see yourself as the only one there who is flagged for everything.  :)  Time permitting, we might even try to squeeze in a visit to Sher Kar's lair.  You'll need the Omniglobular Syringe for that, and they're not usually expensive on the bazaar.  So let me know if you want to claim one of the last three spots in the guild group.  


Hk run on Mustafar (4th of June)

Wryco, May 27, 11 5:09 PM.

Mustafar run: Mission chain to access HK.

Saturday 4th, Jayda is organizing a run from beetle caverns trough HK. Me and drax will help out aswell, so if you would like to join, contact Jayda, and she gives you a spot for an amazing adventure around whole Mustafar.

Wrote a complete guide on the member only section at the forum, how to do it, so you can all read up on it before we descend to the dangerous lava planet. This will make the run faster, and we don't have to explain every detail about bosses etc, that can take some time if we have to do that each instance we are going trough.


Hoth Runs

Draxil-SWG, May 22, 11 5:42 AM.

With the double token period extended through may 31st, some people might want to run as much instances they can for the tokens. Hoth, which is the instance that definately is the hardest one to find a group for, does actually give out quite nice rewards, AND in my opinion its very fun. (If you go in when noone else is there)

We are looking at the possibilities to run BLADE guild runs. So if youre interested, please send me a tell or a mail in game.

Doesnt matter if you have run it before or not, as we will teach you what to do. Hoth seems alot harder than what it actually is :) On our forums section Wryco has written a very good guide to a Flawless Rebel Hoth, make sure you check it out.



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Draxil-SWG, Apr 27, 11 3:51 PM.
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